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3 weeks ago @ 12:36PM

Update on Spectator Limits @ Hopkins Athletic Events

Update on Spectator Limits at Hopkins High School and Middle School Events!!

We have been working with the MHSAA and the OK Conference to come up with our facilities maximum number of spectator allowed for our events at Hopkins. The current mandate states we can have 30% capacity at our outdoor venues and 20% capacity at our indoor venues. This results in us being able to have these amount of spectators at our venues.

Soccer - 216 spectators

Football - 759 spectators

HS Gym - 496 spectators (if all bleachers are open)

MS Gym - TBD

Currently this fall the only venue we see that may fill over these limits is Varsity Football games. So for Varsity Football games we will be pre-selling tickets for these games only. All other events will be open to the public at a first come first serve basis at each event. Please stay socially distanced while in line.

We will start to charge for these events starting on October 9th, 2020. We ask that you bring EXACT CHANGE as our ticket takers will not be able to handle any of the money or give out change. Since our events will be limited to these spectators we still will not be accepting any passes during this time (i.e. punch passes, golden age passes, OK conference passes). All people in attendance will need to pay to get into the event. This is consistent across the board in the OK Silver division schools.

Varsity Football Pre-Sale Ticket Information:

Since we are pre-selling tickets for Varsity Football games, we have to share 1/2 of the ticket allotment with the other team we are playing, so we will only have a limited number of tickets available. We will pre-sell tickets to players, cheerleaders, coaches, and possibly band members if they decide to perform this fall. These persons will be able to purchase pre-sold tickets on Monday and Tuesday in the HS office during school hours. Maximum number of tickets allowed to purchase by one person will be 4.

After Tuesday at 3:00pm, if we still have tickets left over, we will be opening the sale of tickets to the community. We still have to work out specific details on how this will be completed, but we hopefully will have the answers on Monday. Pick-up of these tickets will be done on Wednesday afternoons, details to be determined as well. Maximum number of tickets allowed to purchase by one person will be 4.

If we do not sell all of the tickets the remaining tickets will be available to purchase at the events site at a first come first serve basis.

The Varsity Football game @ Belding will be pre-sold starting on Monday October 5th for players, cheerleaders, and coaches.

While it is nice that we are able to have more people attending our events it does make for compliance of social distancing and face coverings tougher on game personnel. We ask you to be diligent in this area, as we want to keep our events open to the public and have our kids have the best opportunity to keep playing. We have stressed this a lot this fall, and our community really has stepped up to support our student athletes, we just ask that you continue to do your part in helping our athletes stay as safe as possible.

More information to come hopefully early this week.

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