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1 month ago @ 2:21PM

Athletic Department Statement on Guest/Spectator Requirements and Expectations

Athletic Department Statement on Guest/Spectator Requirements and Expectations


With the Governor's Executive Order 2020-176 we were given the go ahead to provide and compete in HS and MS organized sports.  This EO came with guest/spectator limitations for each event.  We are allowed to have 2 people as guests/spectators per participant at each event.  A participant is categorized as players, coaches, and game workers.  These are the only people who are allowed to enter the facility for any event. Participants inform the athletic department of their guests/spectators and a pass list is generated for the people allowed to attend the event.  

For away events we are required to send our pass list to other schools, and only the people on the list will be the ones allowed into away contests. 



Masks are to be worn by all participants during any events that Hopkins Public Schools participates in.  All players, coaches, game workers, and guests/spectators are required to wear a mask for the duration of the athletic contest, even if social distancing can be achieved.  The host school has the authority to stop any game/match until all in attendance are wearing a mask. This mandate was also part of the EO 2020-176.  


It is Hopkins Public Schools expectation that no spectators are standing around the outside of our facilities watching our events.  Hopkins Public Schools can not be certain people are following mandates set forth by the Governor, therefore the safest approach is to not allow anyone standing around the outside of our facilities.  If you are seen doing so you will be asked to leave.

Live Streaming Events:

Our technology department informed us today that our live stream camera for our football/track facility will not be able to be used for this week's football games as it needs to be calibrated before use.  They informed us that the calibration is scheduled for next week.  So for our 2 football games this week we will be streaming the game live via our athletic department Facebook page.  There will be no cost to watch these videos via the Hopkins Athletic Department Facebook page.  We anticipate this being the only week we will have to live stream via the Facebook page. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Moving forward after this week we plan to live stream all events at our Football/Track Stadium and our HS gymnasium with our Pixellot camera system.  If you go to you can sign up for a subscription to watch all of our games at these two locations for a minimal cost.  Many of these events will also be recorded and can be watched on demand through this network.  

Our plan to live stream soccer games at our soccer facility will all be done via our Athletic Department Facebook page, on a Facebook live feed.  Currently we are looking for people to record these events.  

 Away Games: If another school also has a pixellot system, you can watch away games through the NFHS network website as well.  Other away games we could also use facebook live to live steam those events, but we may need volunteers to help us with the recordings. 

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